From the Pocket of a Dream


If the heart was a chest or a coffin
it would be easy not to breath at nights
easy to not mind the heavy thoughts
and just lie peacefully calm
unaware of the darkness that sneaks
through the corridors of a tired mind
If the heart was a bucket or a glass
it wouldn’t be hard to take this sadness out
pour it all over the thirsty ground
which would soak it up
and take the pain away for a while
If the grief was a weed
I would rip it out from the land of my heart
and put it on trial of life
forced it to be on its own
making the parasite finally die

© Eclipse 2008 – 2011


3 comments on “*Rage*

  1. Lady rain
    November 17, 2010

    hello my sweet friend eclipse!
    just dropping by to say wish you a very happy wednesday…
    much love always,shiva xxxx

  2. Lady rain
    November 3, 2010

    yes,very deep & very great poem!
    thanks for sharing my dear friend eclipse!
    love,shiva xxx

  3. suedreamwalker
    November 3, 2010

    Very deep Eclipse… I too let the darkness sneak into the corners of my mind especially when I am seeking that all elusive sleep,, And oh to pour out all the sadness felt within ones heart… But I too know that its so easy to get caught within the mire of the darkness, and let it crush our soul.. So I am learning to detatch and brush off the parasites of the negative world one by one….( writing helps ) Slowly gaining back strength as we heal and try to make sense of this world in which we play our part, like pawns and pieces in a Play…. we are moved around, either winning or falling, we each are players within the Game of Life…. Hugs to you dear friend..

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