From the Pocket of a Dream


How strange this travel this circle
facing an unpleasant emptiness a loss of time
while never-happened memorie occures
in the imaginary corners of my remembrance
It rustels as the autumn leaves under the heavy steps
as a constant reminder of some past precious time
A faithful companion without ever being seen
but as present and safe as a solid cliff to stand on
in days of doubt in unsteady times
in a swirl of thoughts so devorced from reality
but still flawless as a reliable matter
A prediction came true a prophecy became real
How strange this circle of senses
a fragrance of a moment so long ago
Behind my closed eyes
there is a sparkle of a well-known scene
beyond the illusionary walls
while the touch of a warm ancient wind
gently dries a bitter tear from the face of tomorrow
© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

6 comments on “*Fragrance*

  1. hollythestrange
    December 1, 2010

    There’s a lot of sweet poetry on here! Wow, you really know how to create powerful dark imagery.

    • eclipseofthemoon
      December 2, 2010

      Thank you very much hollythestrange, and welcome to my Broken World 🙂

  2. douginator
    November 19, 2010

    I also love the liquid darkness and the graphics that you choose to use to accompany your hard and truly gifted work.


  3. Sue Dreamwalker
    November 19, 2010

    The ancient winds blow memories beyond this illusion and even though the bitter tears dry upon our faces we understand the meaning of all our tomorrows.. For our Light, our Love is never in vain and even though we trudge though the Autumn leaves with heavy steps, know that there is always Light held within our hearts, for even if we cannot be with those our hearts call out too, We remember the Fragrance of their love which is forever held within our souls.. for eternity.. and soon we shall be as one.. never to separate again..
    Your poetry holds such emotion and such insight … Always a pleasure to read over and over, and each time I read your words I see something new in its meanings.. and they always resonate deeply , and I send you my love and blessings Eclipse… Dreamwalker

    • eclipseofthemoon
      November 19, 2010

      Our love is surely never in vain… only sometimes is just very hard to realize that…
      Thank you my dear friend, it’s a pleasure to get so positive feedback from a talented writer such yourself.

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