*Red Silk*

Behind the darkest hour of my night
in a crack of dawn
the  interrupted dream reveals an empty space
here in the red silk next to the image of a dragon
Screams of solitude pile up in the corners
Pain cries climbing the curtains
as a cold-breathing ghost
It sticks its claws into the black lace
preparing to stay there forever
The cold breath of sorrow tries to break the soul
into pieces
The menace lies like a poison in the bottle of fears
But your voice from the distance is the remedy
It fills the heart with enchanting notes of the most beautiful simphony
my favourite sound
Hear my whisper through this special night of ours
come closer and feel the invite from my darkness
The empty space in my red silk is only yours


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

~ by Eclipse on January 26, 2011.

6 Responses to “*Red Silk*”

  1. Your poetry never fails to delight.. and allows the mind to create its own imagery. loved this.. Dreamwalker

  2. A great, and subtly sensual poem.
    It has a very layed back tone and flows really well.
    One of my favourite of yours

  3. Thank you Doug, hope you’re having one as well.

  4. “The menace lies like a poison in the bottle of fears”

    This spoke to me this morning. Have a wonderful day!

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