*Another Page*

The book of life is turning another page
so unlike from those before
A page with golden letters on its paper face
a page that spins a story a legend
A prophecy of one promise
given in the blood drop on the lip
so long time ago
It’s all about the life that lasts
the one owned inside the heart
desired and lost
but only to be found when all hope was gone
while death chained the heart with the fetters of solitude
squeezed it made it harsh
as a rough bark of a friendless tree
far away from its beloved forest
But now there is a melody in its treetop
played by the lyre of love
It whispers so gently through the branches
sending the drops of life
like red rose petals to its dying heart
forcing it to beat again
By the gentle touch of one dormant memory
this heart is awake again
rescued from the sticky web of darkness
and now it dares to step out from the fantasy
into the eternal world of love

© Eclipse 2008 – 2011
(Image by Desktop Nexus)

~ by Eclipse on January 28, 2011.

4 Responses to “*Another Page*”

  1. I feel the same reading your posts 🙂 Thanks Hatter

  2. Loved it. 🙂 been busy. it feels good again to read your poems 🙂


  3. loved this… nice to see the page turning and another Chapter in ones life beginning.. and the heart that beats as it awakens to another Day…. 🙂 Dreamwalker xx

    PS.. I see you are well on the way to your One a Day.. WordPress target lol … love them.. x

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