A dark velvet cover in the room of ghosts.
My whole world lays in a coffin.
An immortal heart beats with utter silence. 
A heart trapped inside another dimension, 
in a different universe.
Dead, still radiating life.
Motionless, yet only apparently tranquil.
The stillness is just an illusion.

The air is thick and cold, almost frozen,
no shadows to disturb the walls. 
A whitish breath of haze rises from the dusty floor
leaving thousands of silvery droplets on the ceiling of stone. 
In the middle of the room there are candles shivering on the marble table.
Their transparent bodies tremble in the darkness, melting slowly.
Their own flame is their own destruction.
It brings them life and bestows the eternal sleep
in a constant paradox of existence.

But another life is born in the crack of gloom,
at the darkest hour
while the night howls as a wounded beast bleeding,
suffering in distress.
A new life.
A being, awakened from its sleep, taken out of a dream
just to be thrown again into one odd circle of dying.

And now.
It is time for the fragile mind to drown into the confusion
about who he really is:
someone instantaneous,
as momentary as the candles on the table of marble…
Or the answer.  
The true response to one secret question,
hidden away because of  the human’s instability,
because of the brittleness of our time line.

Do I dare to believe?

© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

~ by Eclipse on February 9, 2011.

9 Responses to “*He*”

  1. …a chance of hope…
    sounds beautiful to me 🙂
    Thank you Doug

  2. I really liked this one because of the dark not so subtle tones of sadness and remorse. Oh yes, there is a chance of hope as you so eloquently wrote.

    “But another life is born in the crack of gloom,
    at the darkest hour
    while the night howls as a wounded beast bleeding,
    suffering in distress.
    A new life.”

  3. Beautiful Eclipse

  4. There is some very vivid imagery in this poem.
    I can imagine this was a very challenging one

  5. Wow Sue!….I’m always amazed with your comments….this poem supposed to be just a fictional one….well ok – not really….more like A “Real” Fiction…. (if such thing exists…but that’s another story) 🙂 ….No, seriously….. no matter that I had a bit different meaning of it on my mind – I have to admitt that there is a kind of connection between your words and mine…..
    Thank you so much for reading and your kind comment.

  6. ( that “”” Calls Everyone in””” ) typing error.

  7. Yes dare to believe, the hoop of life we spin in this enternal merry-go-round of Birth-life-death and rebirth. as we step from the cold shadows of the coffins confines to the luminous awakening of who we are…. To either accept and change that which we once were, or be thrown back to become another new-born screaming as they travel through their birth tunnel, knowing that more pain awaits in this mortal shell of illusion called Life on Planet Earth..
    We have to break down the shadows of illusion which we have been taught and use the Light as building blocks as we grow in this play-ground called EARTH.. and understand that play-time is at an end.. That the bell now chimes as it calls every in, whether that be to a safe habour of home ! depends on the Games they have been playing…

    Loved this Eclipse one of your best.. Hugs dear friend xx

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