From the Pocket of a Dream


The heart feels
there is a road to be found
while life leaks through the fingers of time
yet illuminated with a hidden meaning
worth to fight for
But the mind plays against
so many times
explaining its own logic
Everything is just an utopia
a search for something that isn’t there
a non-existing path
a game of deception
The empty illusion behind the eyes
a wish never solid enough to survive
Torn between the dream and reality
between our light
and our darkness
not sure which of them owns us
demanding the absolute obediance
Which of them is the cruel one
announcing merely the empty promises
ready for fraud
ready to make us blind
They both crave the taste of pain
and the torment seems to be infinite
The abyss of questions takes us into its arms
Listen to the heart
this deceitful friend
It offers just more nutrition for hopeless desires
While the fear lies in wait
within the walls of mind
telling the horrid words of giving up
the heart beats in the rythm of knowledge
There’s no way to escape ourselves
but the ghosts from our past
perhaps just make us stronger
© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

5 comments on “*Dedication*

  1. Sue Dreamwalker
    February 28, 2011

    Here lies the experience of one who has done battle with the mind.. A duel I Have fought more than once..
    Excellent post Eclipse x

  2. rosemarymonteith
    February 19, 2011

    Beautiful Eclipse

  3. Artswebshow
    February 19, 2011

    Wow, powerful.
    There is a lot of vivid imagery in this.
    I like the balance throughout

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