*In the Depth of a Dream*

Tonight I want to drown you into the ocean of words
seduce you by the velvet of feelings
I want to cover you with the veil of illusion
so just sit back and listen to my story
never ever told
although present inside my heart for years
I am going to take you to a journey
into the deepest corner of my mind
Replace now your eyes with mine and see
I want to show you my world
brought to life a long time ago
yet still dormant
hidden in the depth of a dream

Look around
and imagine the beauty of a night
See how it bleeds its darkness over a misty forest
Feel this gentle fragrance of a nightly wind
It flickers through the tiny leafs that shiver in this enjoyable breeze
Listen to the silence of this place
bringing the peace of mind that overwhelms with its softly stillness
See the soul under the dark shadow of a tree
awaiting for someone to come
So patient all these years
hiding the pain inside
keeping a secret through the unbearable time
through the ages

The moon is full
the night is clear
the lake behind you is a diamond
From the darkness of a glade you hear a scream
It rips this precious pearl of silence
by telling a story
revealing the truth
Time is not right yet
Wait on
Do not lose the hope
do  have patience
She knows
the soul in the shade
She will recognize the one who has to come
and her heart won’t  fail

Close your eyes
feel the sadness of her never-ending longing
The eternal wait
the pain of her lonely soul
lingering at the same spot as time passes by
Until the moment of recognition
when the chosen one would come
to end her rambles
through the ages of darkest search
through the woods of sorrows
and the forests of unspoken desires
The one who would make her heart ready
to leave behind all the empty roads
forgetting the past
and dare to believe that time would speak
or maybe only whisper
with a melody about the most beautiful home
ever dreamed in a softness of one pale night
where everything bad ends
and all that remains
is the pearl of love
shining in the darkness of one secret room
until the end of time

The story is not about to end yet
but give me my eyes back
What you saw is only a glimpse

© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

~ by Eclipse on February 22, 2011.

9 Responses to “*In the Depth of a Dream*”

  1. … stumbled upon your page … what a beautiful read … I will return for more … thank you … Love, cat.

  2. ” She will recognise the one to come”… and patience will and has been rewarded Eclipse…… and the Story has only just begun…..
    Loved this…….. Dreamwalker xx

  3. This flows beautifully almost as if you are just saying it as it comes to your mind.
    Perhaps you did, it is very free flowing.

  4. Liked this very much! Hugs to you! Laura T :o)

  5. Beautiful picture you paint with words.

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