*In The Agony Of Candles*

One moment before the silence
just a second before the dream
while the candles still fought in agony
your heavy words start to sneak around
through my imaginary room
They spoke about the things I refuse to understand
I saw your hands on the walls of this illusion
how they touches the bricks
collecting the rays of someones life
how they make them your own
pouring them into a glass
like a poison
A  potion I will never taste
A drink never meant to be used
I feared for non-existence
the invisible sense of loss permeated my bones
There in the agony of candles I realized
Not to be
perhaps means to be without you


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011


~ by Eclipse on February 28, 2011.

6 Responses to “*In The Agony Of Candles*”

  1. Lovely poem, full of pain, tugs at the heartstrings

  2. Wow, a deep sense of pain in these words but told with smoothness.
    Great job here

  3. Its always amazing how just before we close our eyes the heavy words still float on thoughts.. we toss them over and churn them about, adding, subtracting as they flicker too like the candle flame, we either can snuff them out or let them burn us, or we can let the candle flame burn itself out.. either way sometimes we are left in the dark..with our thoughts……

    You poems always get me thinking Eclipse… Love and Light xx

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