What if I wanted to break  this weight
Too heavy to bear without sharing
Through the years of knowledge about one shadow
that appears so often
yet nearly forgotten
When a voice whispers the strange words
almost with no meaning at all
But now
so understandable and known
Night after night the same circle
A regret
to ever step into a wrong life
with no patience
unable to wait for the answers
But they reveal themselves now
So late
So late

wasted beside the faceless memories
takes its price with no mercy
The payment for mistakes
while the soul wants out

What if I wanted to send the letter
written a decades ago
yet still in sleep
abandoned and hopeless
awaiting for a moment to fly into the freedom

What if I revealed everything unspoken until now
to untangle the riddle
the mystery that haunts within the dreams
wishing to be solved more then ever

What if I wanted to speak out
to light up the whole vision
in its fullness
with all the  words never told
all the fears
A story about an image living in there
for such a long time
To tell the words that had become hushed
weighed down
A misty story
Never really understood
A weep from the past
all about a heart afraid to die alone

© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Shared on Jingle Poetry
and MarchChallenge

~ by Eclipse on March 10, 2011.

7 Responses to “*Unspoken*”

  1. Awesome job ~ becca

  2. Wow! Enslaved while the soul wants out. Very powerful stuff.

  3. Beautiful Eclipse, think it will strike a chord with everyone

  4. I read these lines first :

    A weep from the past
    all about a heart afraid to die alone

    And that just struck a chord with me .. Then i read the poem .. And i have no more words to say .. Totally overwhelmed with the words ..

  5. […] A Broken World […]

  6. Time is unforgiving while Eternity says: What are you waiting for?
    Then Wisdom says: slow your will and count the cost”.

    This is great writing. Thanks for sharing. Its good to know that I am not the only one that has ask this question.

  7. Words I truly relate with… Especially lately… Loved your poem.

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