A heart
cursed with
a hopeless wish
takes a journey
The flight through the invisible skies
of this horrible distance
It beats in misery
of sorrows
Searching desperately
after the lost blood
The fruit of soul
the night of a thousand dreams
And all of them
the same
repeating themselves
as a broken symphony
into an ocean of tears
This hunger too big too unbearable
chases the soul
whipping it
with the cold scourge of impossibility
The soul
that was sleeping for so long
now brought to life
and why
The way  is cruel and wicked
No end  of this road
only cliffs everywhere and the path to narrow
do not see
where to put the steps
The story
already written
The echo sounds through the freezing mind
Like a wind
Come and save me from another cold night
which already falls over
touching me
with its dark fingers
with the claws
of death

© Eclipse 2008 – 2011
Image by Inge Pettersen

Shared on Jingle Poetry
and MarchChallenge

~ by Eclipse on March 11, 2011.

7 Responses to “*Come*”

  1. Lovely poem Eclipse

  2. brilliant poem! splendidly written story. sad but very beautifully written. wish it will end sweetly.


  3. beautiful writing, you make us think and ponder.
    vivid imagery.

  4. Wicked poem! That which is impossible keeps the inner world from blossoming, leading to emotional death, great stuff!

  5. I am caught by the idea of the hunger chasing the soul. Wonderful stuff.

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  7. My I share this with you, Please: http://wp.me/sBKhv-flowing

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