*Forbidden Walls of Illusion* – part two

had a dream
It was a nightmare
The promised dark bird
came to visit you
She is no more
She is dead
have never felt her
presence as you took off
your poetry-coat
saw the light
candles in your room
shivering flames
She saw you
saw a red rose
on your wooden floor
She saw people
around you
that wouldn’t understand
the purpose of her uninvited visit
She kept flying around
in the rain
crimson wings
like wet dark shadows
desperately tapped at your windows
eagerly as lunatic
In vain
tried to attract
the distant look in your eyes
but your window covered with the dark
curtains of unknowing
her dream
into the nightmare
She was poisoned by the experience
of your rejection
symphony was gone
transformed into a requiem
The black requiem of unreasoned love
Would you ever bring her to life
Say a word
If you really want this
she is prepared to haunt you forever


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Shared on Jingle Poetry
and Theme Thursday

~ by Eclipse on March 12, 2011.

7 Responses to “*Forbidden Walls of Illusion* – part two”

  1. superb piece.

  2. beautiful!

  3. what a lovely and engaging story

  4. The use of shape here is most intriguing.

  5. I would bring the bird back to life. It’s never to late to change.

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