*Our Story – A Wild Dance of Words* – Part One

We Met
                We Died
We Lived


A play between a Poet and a Stranger



Through the night I captured this flower to the mind
a symphony of words and feelings
so unknown its essence beautiful but painful
to where my wish to tell so much
yet kept back to fear of losing
If only known the depth of this hunger
in images painted a soul on my side
to where I’d said I’ll give it all up for this moment
in an escape from the known to the unknown
wishing nothing more than this
For in this your heart of my dreams
where solitude broken
oh I could never have imagined how painful
to feel the distance
yet to let it known this love in its bleeding
Drowning in emotion cut deep within
yearning her touch
to where it take me to a place where nothing more would matter
Strange how in but such short time
one being to capture my soul


What about this strange dream of the unknown
Is it right to take this walk down the wild imagination
through the forest of touching words
through the shadows of imaginary night
A voice of a distant traveller touching an empty heart
so clear and pure
His voice opens some secret door inside a broken soul
so secret almost like it never existed at all
What about this strange dream of unknown
and this lovely desire with no hope to ever be fed
It is here it happens now
A voice of the poet
It slowly kills the pain and takes away the loneliness
Almost real
like a sudden visitor standing in front of the tired eyes


Through the heart of this poet
a given red rose
unto his mind kept through the night to words he wish to tell
unto the captured to such sweet pain
Through the open door this fall to where every part screams
to the distance of a name to where this journey begun
to awake that who slept
A moment taken here to take a breath to lead unto a few words
where the heart bleed in the name of love
No journey great enough to move closer to the dream
with words of my love for you


If love is the distance between reality and pain
then I am standing right here in the curse of the invisible chains
riding a strange torment never felt before
If reality is the fact here and now
Then I wish I never stop dreaming
never awaking from this trance your heavy words brought
Is it ever possible to fall in love with words
and feel the fear of loosing of something you never had
If distance is that horrible absence
than I wish I had wings to fly
I would find my way to you and comfort you
with the memories we never had together
I would put my hands on your sorrowing eyes
telling you that distance could never diminish this love
But all I can is to scream in silence
Those chains of mine would not ever let me go
I have to remain here beyond the dream of your presence
Because this love is Distance
and this love is Pain


From the same pain connected
where words bring on a surface to a much deeper understanding
bound into one being to some point in time given
the open door to this dream
So much two souls lost in love wishing upon nothing more
then the place in time in a loving embrace to end all this solitude of pain
to live again


 © 2009 by Poet & Stranger

~ by Eclipse on March 16, 2011.

One Response to “*Our Story – A Wild Dance of Words* – Part One”

  1. i look forward to part two.

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