*The Secret Chamber*

have painted
my days with flowers
and opened
chamber in the heart
If you look inside
will find
the thousands of love petals
I’d never been
aware of
had waited
for the taste of freedom
longed to be winged
and fly
to rain
all over you
and make it up
for all the dark lonely nights
days of numbness
To amend
everything lost
making you forget all sorrows
making the illusion real
and fly you


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Shared on Theme Thursday
and One Shot Wednesday

~ by Eclipse on March 17, 2011.

26 Responses to “*The Secret Chamber*”

  1. Love may hurt.. but it certainly knows how to heal too! And then we forget all about the hurt… isn’t that awesome!!!
    Beautiful verses… cast into a lovely shape too…

  2. You have painted my day with a very beautiful, meaningful and surely reproducible-in-print poem of exquisite sensitivity and insight. Thank you! Thank you!

  3. Oh, the power of love!

  4. just beautiful…i found a lump in my throat reading such tenderness

  5. Lovely poem. I so liked the feel.

    I liked the structure also.

  6. This poem is beautiful on many levels, including the shape of it. Wonderful description of love.

  7. “you have painted my days with flowers”

    a line worthy of a poet. nice.

  8. This is utterly lovely.

  9. To open yourself to a beautiful self-knowledge and then to share it—showering it upon another—lovely poem.

  10. The poetry looked like overlapping petals 🙂
    Lovely lines ..`

  11. what a gorgeous read…thanks for taking us into that heart to find restoration…glad you joined us at one stop as well…

  12. Very lovely indeed!

  13. Very beautiful indeed. I love the flower analogy here.

  14. Now that is the essence of making love. If it happens to you once, then you have been truly blessed.

  15. very hopeful. i love how they each help to heal the other. lovely!

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