*A Dedication To The Knight*

There is one secret wish in my heart
To explore
the darkest corner of your mind
To turn it
into words into the drops
drained from my black ink
To make
your memories alive
upon the pages of the whitest paper
on the canvas of knowledge
To awake
an ancient thought
captured inside your infinity
An answer
that still sleeps behind the hidden gate
of your gaze

© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Shared on One Stop Poetry

~ by Eclipse on March 18, 2011.

10 Responses to “*A Dedication To The Knight*”

  1. Really enjoyed this

  2. Bravo! The accompanying picture fitted beautifully.

  3. This poem is really beautiful

  4. really great poem !! I too liked the line
    “To turn it
    into words into the drops
    drained from my black ink”

    Well done !

  5. i absolutely LOVE this! very nice from the title to the last word. i really like the imagery of ~

    “To turn it
    into words into the drops
    drained from my black ink”

    wonderful! ♥

  6. wow, I like how you really got under his skin!

  7. hot. i like…your poem evoke the feelings i have when looking at things…wanting to take a bit of its essence and put it into words…nice take!

  8. Very good write. I have so often felt that I wanted to know what was in the mind of people in paintings and sculpture. You have put this beautifully.

  9. a beautiful notion you have penned

    Peace, hp

  10. you words always provoke thought Eclipse.. “” to awake an ancient thought””…. yes well many thoughts will start to awaken my dear friend.. and many will contain that ancient knowledge.. And the hidden Gate!.. well in my world it is just opening and the truth will soon pour through it..lets hope we can cope with the knowledge it herards in..
    Love and Blessings my dear friend… x

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