*Our Story – A Wild Dance of Words* – Part Three

We Met
               We Died
We Lived

A play between a Poet and a Stranger



So to one part moved for peace to where haltered to close the door
to be knocked on before entered the only way to be myself again
in the dark castle of my nights
So many shadows haunting yet it is all my time to the mind alone
no amount to save this soul lost with time and solitude
till the end where nothing await
Back again behind the window looking as the world turns
not part of this existence something I always wished
the light that I’ll never have


Left alone here outside your love
I am screaming at your closed door
calling upon you hoping you would hear but there is no answer
Changed forever I am moving to nowhere
to the blackness
cursing this pain
wanting your eyes
I wish I could promise you not to disturb you ever more
but I know
my deceptive heart will betray me again
begging for your love
My heaven is falling down on me
smothering me with black clouds
unbearable as evil weight

Left alone here outside your door
I am broken
to never be mended again
I wish I could let go I wish I could forget
but your words still sound inside this broken soul
Taking all reason away
longing for you to be back


In the world of shadows silent behind the wall
where the field of flowers turned grey
to where the image of life faded
to that nothing pure anymore this ruin of sweet words
the promised land but a dream
Save me from falling
darkness takes over turning me to the dead
to walk alone within this symphony this none living life of deception
giving but an illusion of love
Left to rot away waiting for death and just this panic filling up
drowning in it to where not much choice remains
not sure to where or what anymore and to what may come from it
it is taking over me it is taking over me…


Drowned in the black ocean of tears
unable to undo what is done unable to stand the loss
I was prepared to give up everything else
but this offer was thrown at my face
rejected as unwanted gift
Now I am worthless belonging to no one
With no pride left I am ready to fight for this love the very last time
So I am standing at this doorway as I am
One last time
giving everything I have to take or leave
To embrace or throw awayt
to be alive again or to remain dead
and burn this love to the ashes of my pain


Looking into the dark sky the air cold embracing the body
through all memories lost in only one breath one heart
Tears of time the edge of a gaping hole to the none existence without her soul
black roses in the hand of sorrow kept in the heart of death
To where wishes sleep with the devil to life the endless long lonely road
unto none other walking through the kingdom of death
in the symphony of a broken heart
This nights of solitude the open grave to the soul lost in suffering time
to remembrance of one heart the only breath left breathing
Flesh of pain cold nightmare as in every moment the death of me
in but only one wish to sleep in her embrace


Oh curse me for this visit my promise was not to
I was going to bury my love today
putting the epitaph above its grave
to rest in peace
That love
born in the passion of the words
raised in happiness of this wild dance
I thought it was smothered by the cruelty of silence
The fight was in vain the soldier was down
But this suffer is not over
the poison is still around


 © 2009 by Poet & Stranger

~ by Eclipse on March 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “*Our Story – A Wild Dance of Words* – Part Three”

  1. I am drawn inside the more I read this… I love its darkness, the pain and the suffering drawn by your words… A great illustration of feelings.

  2. Arrgh what words weave as they tarry too and fro.. a Dance of words~ A Dance of Love~. A beautiful story unfolding as we pen out our thoughts and feelings….. Keep Dancing~ Keep Loving! Dreamwalker

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