*Our Story – A Wild Dance of Words* – Part Four

We Met
                   We Died
                                        We Lived

A play between a Poet and a Stranger



In the nights the call from this screaming heart
to where no life exists without her loving embrace


Just a second away from the grave
How I wished for the sweet opium of salvation
to be able to breath again


In giving a voice to the heart to where in the night
to words of nothing without her
but a corpse in time…


The taste of your night is my food
a secret wish deep inside
awaiting to be let out
unable to hide in the silence any more
in wish to melt the ice from the heart
and chase the loneliness away
to never come again


The eyes was watching the clock this morning
in an surprise that sleep less than five hours
in panic of the lost of the world
where the words came to flow
knowing very well the hell the night before
to where no journey made me numb
For in thoughts unto how much the same
our souls
to where around us only death
blinded by the darkness and so empty
this life without you


Oh the merciful clock
just in time before the funeral
It must be hearing the weep through the sky
after the hell of this night
putting those words here to quiet the pain
to stop the destruction
to heal the wounds


…to love again the only one I ever loved
that hold this black heart captured
by the moon and the stars my promise
that this love only yours forever
Drink deep of this knight darling
for he belongs to only you


This heart may be black
but it pours life back into my tortured soul
frightened to death of loosing you
in the horror-struck nights with no hope
where ghosts of the distant laughter rule in the darkness
terrifying my mind to the madness


Fear not my sweet angel you’re not alone in the dark
my shadow over you as you sleep
protecting the safety of your love
I would walk through death to find your heart
again and again
to where mine hold but yours to life
where this the only breath in me to be in this embrace
That symphony of the past fought away
that black demon that took me away to the solitude
shall never arise again
and until my death and beyond my love for you


I can feel your arms around me
Let me believe that it is true
that they are real
I was so lost without them
as a desert in the middle of nowhere
as an empty shell on the bottom of the ocean
I’ll make the demons go away forever
to never disturb you again
In one and only wish
To breath and to be by your side
in the silky silence of this night


In an image painted In The Name Of Love
my arms around you
through a forever night
never to let go again


I have dreamed of funerals death and grave
fears have terrified my lonely night
the voices of dark laughing have haunted my mind
through the evil fog of this dream
I was going to bury this love of mine
that suffered in the fever of no return
My fight seemed to be in vain
I was a dead soldier
But gleam of light came in the dawn
sending a weep through the hazy morning
My love resurrected from the dead
raised again with the strongest wings
It came to wake me to life
to warmth
It came to stay


© 2009 by Poet & Stranger

~ by Eclipse on March 22, 2011.

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