*Words of Your Silence*

How much
pain can be put
inside the fragile jar of heart
A desire to live by making things right
Would enyone cares
There is a way
to forget but
the price
too high
The flame
of the candle
not strong enough
to erase the worries
from the pages of my life
I can tell as I have tried
so many times
my fears
appeared unbearable
and the pain seamed endless
In the lack of knowledge
I did act strange
But that is the
of a new
The book
is written and
the seal rests on it
If this journey is in vain
I will certainly not care to go on
My soft pillow of darkness still waits
I know it will never fail me
Your painting will
be mine
The same path
unknown to the walker
No more surprises they are gone
Every move is chosen
Will you ever
try to
show me the way
Were my steps already
damned for a long time ago
cursed to burst because of fears
Are you going to tell me
the words of your
and calm me
I need to be whole
Call and if I wouldn’t come
you’ll know we both were not strong enough


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Shared on Carry On Tuesday

~ by Eclipse on March 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “*Words of Your Silence*”

  1. cursed to burst?

  2. As if I’m looking into a mirror that reflects what we feel inside… Your words here are this magic mirror…

  3. My favorite line here… I NEED TO BE WHOLE.
    Those few words mark the beginning of a new story.

  4. The last line was just perfect !
    Brilliant poem 🙂

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