*Our Story – A Wild Dance of Words* – Part Five

 We Met
                   We Died
                                        We Lived

A play between a Poet and a Stranger


This night was a night of wishes
The dream too real to keep me sleep
A dream of flying away to the arms I longed for
in a hopeless search for a touch


The night is where the mind flow the most
unto this heart
where in the passion of the moment the thought
of some place all new
just two in a loving embrace
Into the night where the mirror lays in reflection
silence in the cover of time
the world and its many windows
to the eyes full of starlight
in the mind unto creation
where in no words shall describe
Darkness holds its pain
to where harm laid inside
where sometimes doubt toward life
for in truth in this unchanged prison
something always there to show the negative
a fight for the strong to survive
So many years in passing
this familiar dark world
to where the none existence imprinted
It’s been the fall all this time
shadows of this invisible wound
unto where at times it takes over
but sweet the soldier brought back to life
For nothing shall be allowed these tears
where I’ll break through the shadows
fighting for the price of love and survival
as sometimes perhaps once in an lifetime
such light like a warm cover
but still
a constant fight within this being


There is a weakness in my bones
when the words are spoken through the night
This strange feeling of belonging
yet still so far away from the living source
This fight so hard but so desired
The flight already begun
impossible to be stopped 
Right or wrong who can tell
no one to talk to without being judged
Only tears in the silence of the darkness
while the heart turns to only shelter it has
to the kingdom of dreams


To the one whom roomed in ages
within the palm of dreams
to where he lies without touch
through the years it grew numb
like leaf falling from a tree
unto reality a new search begun
to where the heart held but two options
to find this part lost or to forever let it go
So long in the shadows of the night
that shaped and transformed
like water to a rock through time
part by part disappearing
to but some small part remaining human
and in this circle left by life
in the eyes of but one other heart
to the last part of me


Without the strength to go dark again
I shall find the part of this heart
and take it as my own
No more horrid shadows in the lonely nights
no more touchless dreams
This flight has to be done


To where he shall be waiting
for the fire to warm the frozen heart of time
to embrace and keep safe
this heart of love


Through the land of ice the voice has come
wanted to be free from the chains of frost
so inviting and softly dear
like a calling of a Poet through the wind
The thoughts went dizzy and mad
the heart turned into fire
in desire to send its sparkles that way
to melt the ice forever
and to cool down the heat within


No secret door and no fear
unto whom the hand over me
one look one thought
to be under life gone
Casting shadows upon the hybrid nature
to where in return of time
it stays faceless as a ghost
So stay away dark venom
for I’ll take love to eternity
wild and free
no rule but only this choice
where I’ll break down the walls


There are many kinds of poisons
that could corrode a heart to death
It could start shiver just like that
The foolish heart
It could shiver of fears with no cause
Or of some strange sense
perhaps knowing to much
or knowing nothing at all
That heart is a scared bird
Looking for the defence
that never comes
But there are only shadows out there
Shadows stealing the light


Sometimes there are mean ghosts
out there in the night
but also some liars
Fear not little bird
One heart true and safe


I want you to know
my sorrows are dead
Evil nightly wind can not harm this love
My quiet lake is turned to ocean
with stormy waves defying all threats
Even if Time is short
they do no harm in their evilness
for I have listened to your eternal melody
I was with you in the land of romance
I want you to know
this walk is endless
I am a warrior on this path
The distant echo is all that I hear
your eyes is all that I care for
Even if I never find where to go
If I get caught and lose my way
The wicked hunter won’t harm this love
In the Dream you’ll be mine to keep


As writing in stone to survive time
this sword in my heart
to where only to the lovers hand belong
to cut or release
In the signature of the sky and on the ground
this soul binded to this love
to where I’ll stand as guardian
protecting the only one


Your dark words are my light
A distant guide through the forest of time
My journey is already settled
Don’t worry my love
we’ll fly away from this madness
to the place that can not be found
To the land with no fears
into the world that never ends


In your heart I’ll rest forever
holding you through time
to where our journey
kept in an embrace
forever without end

In that voice in the warmth
where that key given
to unlock the door
for it lies there within truth
to never fade away
To where this heart bleed
unto where no other life
but the spring of her breath
to where this journey begun
where in the eternal capture
this love


Trapped inside the mirror of illusion
still with non-understanding for everything that happens
the journey to unknown is taken
The sadness passed away
The horrid ghosts of terror dare not to come any more
The voices in the corridors of the mind became quiet
When evening falls the eyes only see a shadow
whispering loving words from the distance
In the stillness of the night the body feels a touch
coming through the window of the wounded soul
It only happens once in a lifetime
Two strangers
suited so well together
in a wild dancing of words


© 2009 by Poet & Stranger

~ by Eclipse on March 25, 2011.

One Response to “*Our Story – A Wild Dance of Words* – Part Five”

  1. ” Trapped witin the mirrors of illusion “”…. argh Eclipse… I was trapped within your words, spell bound in fact… Excellent my dear friend xx

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