Is there any easy way to gain the knowledge
about moving on
in times
when shadows lean against the walls
And why am I
unwilling to learn one thing at a time
not knowing anything about patience
Eagerness consumes the mind
craving for the answer
here and now
What about the fair-play of life
a non-existing friend that dwells only in tales
a friend
unable to give any solace to the dying heart
The sight gets darken
blurred with the thick fog of unexplained pain
The absence of a vision in the horizon keeps telling its story
Life is only a distressing rope walker
above the canyon of fears


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Shared on March Challenge

Image:  The Tight Rope Walker
by Margo Selski

~ by Eclipse on March 28, 2011.

13 Responses to “*Circus*”

  1. so true .. but we can chose to acknowledge the lessons and fear and still be hopeful of smiles 🙂

  2. beautiful poem. the last line is so true!


  3. The lesson is, keep one’s eyes on the goal. Here endeth the lessen.

  4. ” …Life is only a distressing rope walker
    above the canyon of fears.”

    Our fears keep us from so much … if only we can realize and believe, some fears are of our own doing! Freedom of the spirit is looking ahead, and not looking down … great take on the prompt ~becca

  5. […] Eclipse of the Moon […]

  6. The circus of life.
    I personally believe it is mighty rude of life to thrust upon someone a problem/lesson they could do without.
    It hinders progress.
    Certainly hinders mine. lol
    Great poem here eclipse

  7. Oh yes….many…

  8. Yes, I also have experienced these feelings in this the school of life; when the lessons taught seem to have no relevance to the life being lived nor to the life to be lived. But how many lessons have we rejected before understanding the words and before comprehending the lessons intent?

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