with power
of giving life

with no meaning

A moment of flight
An eternity of downfall

A rise into a false hope
taken by the fire of a riddle
and by silence of a strange reason

One soul
tired of begging
leaves the daylight
to stay in a hollow night
to remain inside the dream

The smile stays on
embraced by an illusion

© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Shared on One Single Impression
Poets United
and Jingle Poetry

Image by Salvador Dali

~ by Eclipse on March 29, 2011.

10 Responses to “*Hollow*”

  1. Your graphic so illustrated your words too.. As always Eclipse your words hold their own Magic for all to feel ..

  2. You captured it so well.

  3. brilliant,
    keep it up.

    you got soaring talent ..come from one single impression,

    share one poem with poetry potluck today,
    bless you.

  4. Very beautiful.. I liked it indeed..

  5. From shadows
    the soul shines,
    the darkness
    You hear cries ?
    Check again
    the once loved
    ties,now they
    crawl away,
    touched by
    your lies.
    But the soul
    I will
    see light.

    Random ideas inspired by your poem .. Hope you do not mind..
    Wonderful lines Eclipse .. Love every single one .. specially the last two !

  6. Wow….Thanks Sam 🙂

  7. WoW!

    You fascinate me. Your words speak of frustration
    But your gift speaks of conquest.
    For this is the arena of life
    And if not for your words writ
    I would not have cause to rise
    For a reason my love

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