*Mother Nature Mother Of Creation*

“K”  is for KNOWLEDGE


Long sleepless nights
this journey through darkness
at the edge of the world
to where the eyes met them
whom room the shadows
Voices from the unknown
symphony for the dark heart
spiritual meeting
the mind open
for the guardian
She who entered this world
when her perfume near
to times of these visits
to the magic given as an child
familiar and ageless
Where each year grow closer
to where her breath brought  more knowledge
giving magical growth
a new level slowly born again
to another surprise
So young the first time he met the scent
looking into the woods
but blind to her shape
yet there and that wonderful perfume
nature of time
But further and further the distance of her visits
as to the destruction of her crown
Oh mother of creation from the ageless times
I’m resting here in your heart till the end
dying with the wind


by The Poet Stefan

~ by Eclipse on March 30, 2011.

13 Responses to “*Mother Nature Mother Of Creation*”

  1. Wow! Amazing poem. It brought a stillness and deep quitness here – despite the howling wind outside.
    Thanks so much for contributing – ABC Wednesday is a lovely place for lovely people.

    ABC Team

    • Many thanks for your kind comment Denise, it’s great to participate (although this poem wasn’t my own) and meet a lot of talented writers at ABC…the pleasure is all mine 🙂

  2. I recognise this free flowing style of our Dead Poet my friend, and I hope that he is indeed well, as I hope that thou art well also Eclipse of the Moon…

    Thank you for calling by and viewing my most recent offerings, it is nice to see you inside My Gothic Realm, of course it is nowhere near as Ghoulish as my old Space but there are a few nice touches within the scope of WordPress to replace some of its nostalgia…

    Be well Eclipse

    Androgoth XXx

    • Thank you very much for this visit Andro, I’m glad you remember… Dead Poet is very much alive 🙂 and we are both well.
      Oh but you furnished your site in your “ghoulish” style so it’s as cosy as your old one…

  3. Interesting K.

  4. Lovely, lovely poem. I love every word of it.

    ABCW Team

  5. knowledge sometimes does seem to kome from the unKNOWN

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. …love your analysis Dreamwalker! Her perfume forever…if one cares to sniff the air…It makes sence to me…I just have to check with the author…. 🙂

  7. A beautiful poem… touching the soul of one’s connection with the essence of Nature.. Her perfume for ever on the wind if one cares to sniff the air of her creation…. Let us forever draw in her breath as we breathe together in the Time we have left.

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