*An Echoe of Madness*

Under the heavy black clouds
a breath 
                a scream 

A revenge
against the play of life
which brought together certain souls

A prohibited flame
born within chambers
of the silly heart
The forbidden 
                                      of yearning

Sentenced to starvation
in eternal desire to reach out to its own
But he
              is just
                          the distance

ages ago
Turned into an unexplained emotion
A mad 
                          in the head

A whirl of mania
a pressure of guilt
gobbling the soul consuming it

Naked fears on the walls
creeping as ugly corpses
out of the darkness
                  the light


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Shared on Theme Thursday

~ by Eclipse on March 31, 2011.

10 Responses to “*An Echoe of Madness*”

  1. I love that with a theme as whimsical as “silly” you’ve created something beautiful and thought provoking! It’s amazing and very well done!!

  2. I agree with Sue Dreamwalker…I too wouldn’t turn off the light.
    Nicely written though.

    (Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely sentiments.)

  3. I would want to keep the light on lol…. Great poem 🙂

  4. Very thought provoking.


  5. What a beautiful poem. This does not seem silly at all to me. Very deep.

  6. Nice. Did you do all the spacing in Word before importing it, or did you do it from your WP dashboard?

  7. Followed you here from Theme Thursday — am intrigued by your “A part of” list.

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