my night
while my friendly
shadows looked at me
from the ceiling of my mind
while they radiated
strange thoughts
it occurred
to me
No matter
what I’ve done
which path I’ve walked
whose secrets I’ve carried
I am here right now
There’s no one
to blame for
the suffer
no one to
answer all questions
I know it now I am almost sure
My storms are over
yet the words
turns dark
the heavy
pressure feels
so unbearable to hold
when the horrid stone of fear
presses the soul
So don’t trust
me ever
if I
told you
about the ending
You belonged to my dream
for way too long
I can’t set you

© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

~ by Eclipse on April 8, 2011.

6 Responses to “*Prisoner*”

  1. Sometimes and maybe a lot of times there is no ending…

  2. It seems you made it fit into this shape in a nonchalant way. I love the last lines very much: “You belonged to my dream / for way too long / I can’t set you / free”. Beloved people become a part of us, no matter where they have gone.

  3. I like the discipline of the pyramidal structure, and the content, the imprisonment of both protagonists and the freedom just to be – well written.

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