*The Whole Lifetime In A Hour*

M  is for Melody

My memory fades
so strange
I can’t remember
I do not care
We have to choose
before it is to late
The years are like birds
wings in movement
almost gone
flying away
Heavy but precious
taking us with them
to the last destination
the last season
So choose now
make your choice
as there won’t be another

My memories are gone
I have only now
this present time
the dream
The whole lifetime in a hour
each night in a repeat
sometimes in reverse
about souls
playing  cruel games against us
The losers on this journey
They do not know
that we are the masters of fantasy
the kings of sorrows
the only rulers of our dream

My memories are gone
nothing is left
Only your eyes
within mine
giving the light
a melody to follow
It keeps me awake
We are strong now
The time has come

© Eclipse 2008 – 2011
Image: Sandtimer by Goth Palace

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One Shot Wednesday

~ by Eclipse on April 13, 2011.

15 Responses to “*The Whole Lifetime In A Hour*”

  1. I like the way your words flow.

  2. hmmm “the masters of fantasy” hmm are we? lots to ponder 🙂

  3. Haunting, lovely, Elcipse

  4. That was a splendid piece ! Simple words has so much powerful thoughts instilled in them! Memories .. ah the very word brings back so many memories !! I loved the last few lines :

    Only your eyes
    within mine
    giving the light
    a melody to follow
    It keeps me awake
    We are strong now
    The time has come

    Creation of another memory ! Beautiful !

  5. what beautiful flow and a wonderful opening verse! time passes so quick and we’re left with decisions that need to be made on the spur of the moment! brilliant!

  6. Time…………
    When that moment arrives we all at some point reach a stage where we sit still and ask the inevitable question..
    For some of us the time may be too late, for others the times has come, and the opportunity to seize this has passed, alas it is however never too late, for there is never any better time than NOW..
    When this time comes, it will be with trepidation a realization that for all the materialism in this world there is a greater need, a need to fulfilment a need to be oneself…
    The trepidation is the newness of experience, a time when all that you are becomes self evident, all you know is made clear and the picture you paint all through your life becomes who you are, therefore, we are all a part of something bigger, a part of a grander place that reveals itself through our actions, in what we do, for love is nothing, if we do nothing with that love. the realization is that unfolds before you is the beginning, a time when you may view the self with difference, a time when everything you have learned and understood comes together and starts to make resounding sense, or in part make your journey one of meaning.

    I wrote that ages ago now Eclipse… And Time still slips through the hour-glass.. And one moment can take seem to take forever, while a Year can dissapear!.. Such is the perception of time… But at some point that Time will come where we will review All our life in but a moment..

    Excellent as always…. :-)xxx

  7. Very intriquiging poem concerning the realities of time as it relates to memomory…or memory as it relates to times. The ability to dream an entire lifetime in an hour appears to be reality…if there is any reality.

    Your mention of “each night in a repeat, sometimes in reverse” is astute and reminds we of the 60s song that said “we are captive on a carousel of time…”

    And finally this:

    we are the masters of fantasy
    the kings of sorrows

    I could spend days contemplating those two lines! Suffice it to say I liked this a lot! Good work. Have a great afternoon and week.

  8. i loved your poem…it kept spinning and whirling into the past and into the present…and as i’ve been studying the concept of time your poem leaves me realizing how you have made each one of your memories and your moments here and now, your eternity… what you experience with all your senses ignited can never be lost and can be relived again and again…”time must never be thought of as pre-existing in any sense, it is a manufactured quantity”…spinning in the wonder of your memories and your beautiful words each moment an eternity…very meaningful poem…bravo

  9. Beautiful M entry!

    Will you lease come and see my Letter M? Thank you!

  10. I always liked the combination of lifetime and hourglass, wonderful thoughts and illustration. Love, cat.

  11. What a great choice for letter M! Gorgeous!

    My Letter M, hope you can come and see. Have a nice day!

  12. i hope that you make the choice that suits you…quite the emotional journey in this one…

  13. My broken sparkles came to visit your broken world and it felt great to read you! Loved the melody of your memories, I hope they will come back strong and happier!

  14. wow, I’m relating to this, big time…
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  15. “Only your eyes within mine giving the light. . .” What a line! Now and then I wonder where memories disappear go. Out into space like radio waves. Shudder to think if that was so.

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