*Mind Talking*

There is a suspicion
a confusion in me
Or is it a knowledge
that beats in the rythm
of never giving up
I’ll tell you:
there’s a road to be found
no matter what
Even if life seems to be wasted
or maybe illuminated
by a hidden meaning
The road ahead is still undiscovered
and there the confusion lies

My mind wants to wake me up
explaining  the own logic
All is just an utopia
an evident tragedy
a search for something that isn’t there
Your road is a non-existing path
a game of deception
Your wish
never solid enough to survive
made only to feed the desire
The illusion behind your eyes

Can you find yourself
torn between dreams and the reality
your light and your darkness
not knowing which one owns you
demanding the total obediance
Not knowing which one is the cruel one
announcing merely empty promises
just to fool you again
in its greedy craving
for the taste of your suffering

The torment seems to be infinite
You are falling into the abyss of questions
wanting to listen to the heart
your deceitful friend
who offers merely more nutrition
for your reachless desire
while the fear lays in wait
within the walls of reason
and speaks the truth
The moment of pleasure
might be its very end


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Prompted by Three Words Wednesday

~ by Eclipse on April 15, 2011.

6 Responses to “*Mind Talking*”

  1. Am in a trance ! listening just you .. and no other thoughts ..

  2. ” Your road is a non-existing path ” and ” There is a road to be found ” … so beautiful! … I love to read your poems/ thoughts, my friend … Most of your writings feel like you have been right in my head … Very seldom, I dare to express myself like you do, all I can do is express myself in mysterious riddles, because I am too afraid. You have true gift, I love how sure you are of yourself, and I thank you for this lesson … Tears of joy … Tears of joy to have found your blog … You are part of my life for sure … Thank you, love, cat.

    • Wow…Thanks a lot Cat! You’re too kind…well I pretend to be sure of myself while my poetry coat is on :)…without it I’m totally lost… a sort of…. 🙂
      Thank you once more for reading my blog and the encouraging comment

  3. These are powerful and truthful words, wrapped in appropriate images. Sometimes we are more than tempted to follow non-existing paths. Again, a pleasure to read … despite of its unpleasant content.

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