*The Circle*

T  is for  Thoughts


I saw
a shadow
lying on the bed
while an unmerciful beam
of the oncoming dawn unkindly started
to pierce the darkness around
penetrating the stillness
within my

I felt
the pain
through the night
a sense not possible to explain
That shadow always close
when the whirl
of cold fears

No rest
for my eyes
The black circle
continued to spin each night
It was like a curse
No escape
in sight

I wished
I could rule
over my thoughts
the everlasting question of why
the ramble between hope and dread
I wished I could touch your hand
telling you the fear is gone
dead buried forever
and nothing
is left to

I was aware
of your darkness
that dwelled around you
for so long time swallowing the light
My night  thirsted for an answer
It came in the morning
Your darkness
was my only


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

~ by Eclipse on April 20, 2011.

4 Responses to “*The Circle*”

  1. Very powerful

  2. The ramble between hope and dread never ends.As long as we have hope,we have dread.Beautiful and thought provoking!

  3. Fortunately there is light which might dispel the darkness. A strong piece, delightfully readable and ponderable.

  4. It was never intended that we hide forever. That which is done in the dark must be evaluated in the light of day.

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