*The Final Scene*


       and me
Like the answers
       to each other’s question
A confirmation
       an approval that showed
how right
       we were
when we swore the revenge
        to the life
when we picked a fight
the distorted roles it gave us

We were
        the unwished actors
        on the stage of disconnection

In the darkness
        when my eyes could not see
You came to find me
        before the curtain was down

You are the one
       whose hand I am holding
and the one
       who holds my heart


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Image by Auguste Rodin, Museum Paris 1908
Prompted by Carry On Tuesday

~ by Eclipse on April 26, 2011.

17 Responses to “*The Final Scene*”

  1. Wonderful words Eclipse…

  2. This is beautiful! Not many are lucky enough to have a bond like this.You are truly blessed,both in talent and in joy 🙂

  3. super lovely.


  4. very lovely.

  5. Beautiful Eclipse I often feel I am within a Play~ still waiting for that final curtain… The final Act is all but upon us.. Blessings dear friend xx

  6. Beautiful and moving words.

  7. Really great creation, rooted strongly in the prompt. Nicely done.

  8. And I’ll keep holding yours till the end of times.

  9. … we are unwanted actors in this life, I always felt that way … we only have 2 choices though … either go on or not … I chose to go on to see what’s around “the bend” … it might be something better lurking in the background, eh? Great poem, great thoghts, my friend Eclipse … Love, cat.

  10. This is a lovely poem – I don’t find it final at all – very positive and affirming, very powerful stuff that suggests rising up against predetermined roles and stopping curtains falling – full of future potential.
    I liked it a lot.

  11. This was beautiful …
    I so missed your words when i was resting my foot last week !!

  12. beautiful thank you …kez

  13. I love how the picture & the look & feel of this write just seem to be continuations of eachother! Great piece:-) Stop in & read True Love

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