*From The Pocket Of A Dream*

In the night
behind my slumbering eyes
within the depth of one strange dream
I saw a light
dripping from the heaven
I saw a rainbow
touching the sleepy grass
with a thousand hues

Drawn closer
to the burning core
I was forced to follow the shiny arch of colors
and take a walk
over the od bridge
stumbling on my way
dazzled by the light

It felt like stepping
on the bunch of feathers
like drowning
into the softness of clouds
like walking a never-ending yet adorable avenue
It seemed like forever
making me wonder
about the thrilling secret
of the other side
about the border
hidden in this inviting sight ahead
The path could be just a deceit
the evil lying in wait
inside the delusion
of these seductive colours
The cautionary words
spoken by the common sense
The well known thoughts
The thorns of my mind

A shape
standing in the distance
was my answer
Like being pulled
from the pocket of this magical dream
A hand
at the other side
showed where to put the steps
at the edge of the rainbow
I found the warmth
At the end of one smile
I found the embrace
like a new mark
on a fresh blank white paper

The final approval
An eternal seal upon
one delayed letter of my life.
© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

~ by Eclipse on May 9, 2011.

12 Responses to “*From The Pocket Of A Dream*”

  1. Arrgh Eclipse, loved this, your words so descriptive.. I could feel myself walking upon the feathers on your path seeing the rainbow hues.. TRUST is the key we must all use, when we step into that unknown, Trusting that our steps are guided, and the shadows are merely that.. Shadows of Doubt.
    Wishing you A relaxing Sunday Eclipse.. Love Dreamwalker xx

  2. Very well written this one is!
    Awesomeness with great intensity.. hugs xox

  3. we’re never really sure where those paths will lead us, are we? especially the ones we start walking on while half not in this world. . .

  4. Colorful pocket your dream has! Beautiful … loved the “delayed letter of live” expression …

  5. I’ve been reading it with delight. And this thought crossed my mind: Although dreams are considered as unreal, don’t they form a big part of our lives?

  6. totally love it ..
    i always do …
    everything you write …
    i am infact bored of commenting same 😛

  7. A fresh blank piece of paper would be nice. Enjoyed this, like always. Your words flow so easily. Great images. Another big LIKE from me.

    Mine is about the dangerous orange butterfly. Intriguing, eh?

  8. your words behave and do the wonders.
    love the elegant imagery.


  9. Beautifully written – thank you for sharing! 🙂

  10. i read this thru my email and fell in love. thank you!

  11. Evil, I must say,always appears colorful and bright.A very nice piece of work.The imagery are extremely sensory.Beautiful!

  12. True enlightenment allows us to see Heaven and thrj to enter in.

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