Tell me about colors.
Which of them is for worries?
When eyes stare
into the gloom at nights.
Hollow and blank.
In a futile try to ignore
the lurid greyness,
pretending to see beyond it
deceiving even themselves.

Or which one is for sorrows?
When tears,
always ready for a betrayal
wait for a chance to flee,
to escape their black glassy prison;
and who can ever blame them.

Can you tell the color of numbness?
This dull insensitivity of the soul,
the emptiness in the heart.
The worst enemy with a special mission.
To paralyse.
To stain our mind
with its favourite paintbrush,
turning it into the pale.

What is the color of a pain?
Or grief.
Or hope.

What is the color of hope?
The unfruitful one.
The one in search.
In a constant endless search for something lost.
Something precious.
A kaleidoscope of joy.

 © Eclipse 2008 – 2011

For Theme Thursday

~ by Eclipse on May 13, 2011.

8 Responses to “*Kaleidoscope*”

  1. Could “Black” be the answer..???

  2. Beautiful and unusual poem Eclipse

  3. a poem filled with deep pain. i wish every question could be answered.

    peace and love for you my friend.

  4. I always had a Love/ Hate relationship with Kaleidoscopes, because one can never capture and keep a particularly beautiful image. It’s like life itself … everchanging … beauty and darkness and all the rest … enjoy the moment before it’s gone. Love, cat.

  5. I like the concept of this poem – the first line and the end. It’s an optimistic end too. There are lots of colours beyond grey..

  6. This is a beautiful and thoughtful poem dear Eclipse. I do suppose each color is different to each individual but I would agree with Dreamwalker as Yellow is a good one for hope.
    Waiting or in fear of betrayal would have to be an dark and cold color…like deep in a murky pond.
    So good to see you…like a rainbow! 🙂

  7. I like how you expressed feeling in the search of colors, and the poem itself became colorful even in the grief and lost hope!

  8. What is the Colour of HOPE!?…
    For me its the Yellow of the Buttercup telling me Spring is Sprung
    The White of the of the Snowdrop telling me Winter is done,
    Blue of the Sky in summers glorious Heat.
    And the Golden ways of grasses as Autumn gathers wheat.

    A Kaleidoscope of Colour to me are Natures Blooms
    They push aside the Dark Sorrows,
    Promising HOPE for our Tomorrows…

    Wonderful words you paint in your picture book of Colour All mingling together in a blend of Words I love to come and read so often..

    Enjoy your weekend Eclipse and thank you dear friend for leaving your own splash of colour upon my page…
    Hugs ~ Dreamwalker ~

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