P ondering this life 
   I want you to learn 
   to know

R easons I’ve ever found within it
    and above all the love

E scaping the meandering branches
    of the faults done
    I do

C herish these feelings
    given through you 
I nflammable yet life-giving              

O xygen to breath

U rgent  to my soul and for this heart
    to be able to manage life
    as I used to

S ail through it like an abandoned boat
    but now finally found by its wind


© Eclipse 2008 – 2011

Image by Digital Art M.R.M.

~ by Eclipse on May 17, 2011.

4 Responses to “*Precious*”

  1. Precious words Eclipse…

  2. Precious- the words, the image, the message, the feeling.

  3. A beautiful poem and I like how you have used the word “precious”. That is a word I truly like and find promising.
    Enjoy the evening.

  4. What’s the value of a person if it is not recognized? – A truly beautiful poem. Though the image has a tendency toward kitsch, I like this eye-catching scenery. It depicts so straightly how it should be : )

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