a hidden meaning
an encrypted message
the never ending circle
wondering why
and how
while time passes
the well known corridors of darkness

another anniversary
an illusion
or the request
selfish but final
a story with no regrets
no wish to let go of the knowledge

at the edge of sanity
there’s an offer
for you
to finally quench the thirst
if you love me
make me real


© Eclipse 2011

Written for One Shot Wednesday : Go Dark if You Dare!!!

~ by Eclipse on May 25, 2011.

18 Responses to “*encrypted*”

  1. The last coupla lines left me totally numb …absolutely fantastic, my dear!! (sigh)
    I think I am drowning in the depth of your words, Eclipse… haaaaalppp

  2. Eclipse, I love the mystery of this…”if you love me
    make me real”…nice.

    You’ve cast a spell on me with your words:-)

    (Thank you for always commenting at my blog).

  3. Dark and mysterious! Lovely prose!

  4. Beautiful, with a touch of a mysterious quality to it. It leaves me with wonder at the great words you wrote 🙂

  5. this is the second dark poem that was on the edge of sanity.

    You interject wondering and searching from the first line – nicely done

  6. Hugs

  7. ha. considering today is my anniversary that line struck me…if you love me make me real…i like that…love can do that…

  8. A writing of complexity , I feel a loss and a regret of that which has passed and yet I sense the acceptance of the present.
    You are correct in that your writing is encrypted , but encrypted in emotions
    I love the way you have presented your post

  9. Mindblowingly beautiful!!!!
    I am completely drunk in the beauty of the words.. very well done..

    Hugs xox

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