*A Mistake*

A mistake.
Being left alone
while the gaze
behind the unknown scenery.
within an unsound crowd
among the unusual friends
calling on
into a strange ward,
into the hall of darkness.
A society
promoting the weird gathering
telling about the life
that belongs to the other side.
The unhappy one.

A mistake.
Being left alone
with my sizzling thoughts.
Alone with my thoughts
I’m in a bad company.


© Eclipse 2011

Shared on writter´s island

Image: Adam  by Emile-Antoaine Bourdelle

~ by Eclipse on May 26, 2011.

7 Responses to “*A Mistake*”

  1. Sehr schöner Blog liebe Grüsse noch von mie Gislinde

  2. Oh Eclipse… so true, although being alone is something I cherish, yet at times I can be a bad company to myself…

  3. Fascinating, and your last stanza is stunning.

  4. Sometimes when we are alone with only our non-stop thoughts for company, we can get swamped by them. This portrays that so well.
    Very good prose.

  5. You talking of me 😉 ??
    Amazingly heartfelt ! 🙂

  6. An intriguing post,your style leaves the mind betwixt and between the real and the unreal.

  7. This really draws the reader in. You have a really cool style.

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