*The Story About Baloons*

Fascinated by lakes, woods, moonlights and more or less everything else that has any kind of connection to nature, she is here again. At the edge of the beloved water surface. The dusk welcomed her into its open arms, glowing with the very last beam of the dying sunshine.

Right here, at the same spot she used to dream herself away and it always felt like she was swallowed by time, abducted to an unknown location, to a strange ground. Her whole life was a struggle for warmth, a search for love, only rarely rewarded with the tiny crumbs of joy. They were just as fireflies, alive only a few briefly moments before the light were quenched, leaving the throne to darkness again.

But here, inside her dream, she was a diferrent person. Each time she drowned into that magical world of illusions she was given a gift. Each time.  It was like a drug that made her willing to go on. And wait. She was taught about patience and hope. She got to know the initial spark of joy announced from the distance. She started to believe.

But the awakening is always the hardest part. The hit of reality. It starts to corrode more and more. It weakens the strength. Fascinated by the lake and the reflections of light in it, she is here again. Resolute. Her hands are full of patience, hope, joy and love. Illusions. She is here to let go. Let go of them one by one.


© Eclipse 2011

Written for Tales Thursday

Image by Lucky Optimist

~ by Eclipse on May 27, 2011.

8 Responses to “*The Story About Baloons*”

  1. Letting go is the hardest part, very much so..!

  2. Letting go… the most difficult resolution one can reach…

  3. That is a beautiful writing , wistful dreaming filled with hopes and dreams and the finale of illusion but even then the returning to dreams
    I enjoyed that

  4. beautiful. I too, am in love with dreams and daydreaming

  5. Where would we be without our dreams and hopes to keep us sane. Sometimes reality bites, hard!
    Lovely prose.

  6. What would we be without dreams and illusions? I think there are some of them we should never let go.

  7. I wish we never have to let go of these illusions and the words !

  8. Excellent Eclipse.. your Thursday Tale about the Balloons captured the moment of reflection very well as she dreamed.. Im glad she started to believe…

    I have sat upon the edge of the Lake often drifting within very similar illusions as clouds drift on by..

    Beautiful writing Eclipse.. Something new and so much is held within your talents I suspect there will be many more Thursday Tales.. I hope so..

    love and Blessings my special friend.. Dreamwalker 🙂

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