*My Late Summer*

Thunderstorm in the late summer.
Like a lightning you struck
starting the rain, turning it into the river
A water fury of emotions
flooding one world of drought.

© Eclipse 2011

Shared on Poetry Potluck

~ by Eclipse on May 30, 2011.

21 Responses to “*My Late Summer*”

  1. How quickly a thunderstorm can turn into a flood. Beautifully put my friend.
    Enjoy this week. Rx

  2. Amazing, you’ve said so much in such few words. A rain of emotions can move the world

  3. the fury of a storm unleashing not only the elements but the emotional storm in her wake as she leaves behind a trail of tears, or a rainbow of delights..

  4. terrific.

  5. A water fury of emotions
    flooding one world of drought.

    Very nice imagery – powerful!!

  6. Beautiful you’ve captured such depth of emotion in a short powerful poem

  7. It happened to me last summer… love the play on words

  8. The unpredictable fury of mother nature , how well we know her violence when she wreaks havoc on our lands and crys her tears here in Australia
    Short but to the point
    I liked it

  9. My dear Eclipse,
    Yet again I am never disappointed when I stop over.

    Simply wonderful.

    Thank you for your tireless support of my blog:-)

  10. Thanks for sharing this piece. For being only 5 lines, the picture painted provides images you’d expect in much longer work. Excellent job. I really enjoyed

  11. short and sharp packs an impact thanks for sharing

  12. that’s part of life,
    otherwise, it is boring or dry.

    cheers, loved your way to conveying your message,
    Happy Potluck!

  13. lovely. powerful poem.

  14. you have struck my heart and my mind dear friend
    wonderful poem
    love, Eddie

  15. Its good. From start to the end. The crisp narrative line maintains the coherency.

    Very nice.

    Best regards.

  16. Oh I misread. I thought it said..”leave the last line. But really, I like it better without the last line.The terseness is so eloquent.

  17. I agree with Poetryroad. Without that last line , the poem becomes so much more powerpacked.

  18. Nothing seems right for the world, first drought and then flood, one after another.

  19. Love the last line, it turns and ends the poem so eloquently!

  20. Like a tap being turned on, like a shower pointing to earth-its a lovely bit of poetry!

  21. Lovely!

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