*The Eyes Of Horizon*

Memories in fading
slipping through my fingers
Grey sand grains
on the beach of oblivion
leaving without a sound
The young years
next to
the insensitive shadow of a wrong choice
still call on
still make themselves felt
through the unhealed wounds
sometimes making it hard to go on
to trust the life
The missed life
while time reigns
as a merciless master
commanding to look ahead
to the approaching distance
dictating to raise the gaze
to see the horizon
to meet  its deadly eyes


© Eclipse 2011

Shared on Carry On Tuesday
Poets United
One Single Impression

and Poetry Potluck


~ by Eclipse on June 13, 2011.

17 Responses to “*The Eyes Of Horizon*”

  1. A ship can only chase the sea’s horizon. Like a mirage or a rainbow, it flees before the seeker—and we are all seekers.

  2. Keep your eye on the horizon sometimes the illusion is what keeps us going.

  3. Sail away tomorrow, sail far away, no need to beg, steal or borrow, I’ll be back some day.

  4. strong words, and well said. very descriptive. So true, too. Scary to think of time as a “merciless master”, but in some ways that’s what it’s like. Good job.

  5. Ohh… I must congratulate you o your FANTASTIC imagery here, Eclipse.. this is simply excellent!! Time is indeed THE MOST obstinate autocrat ever known to mankind.. wheww!!

    Oh… and btw, happy birthday !! I mean, what with the Lunar Eclipse and all.. 😉

    • Thanks Kavita, so sweet of you to mention the lunar eclipse…unfortunately I had no chance to see it last night, here in Sweden the nights are white in june 🙂
      and the sky was pretty cloudy too….

  6. I can definitely identify with this piece… the wistfulness of time gone by and wrong decisions made, and the implacability of a future that keeps coming…

  7. I’ve been dreaming of new horizons lately … the finishing lines are in perfect harmony with my mind.

  8. Great write, so emotion packed.

  9. Life keeps going…

  10. Lovely. If this is how you feel, all I can say is the prose is pain filled within your imagery. But that time and distance from pain is the only true healer, or, falling in love, again.
    Well penned 🙂

  11. A journey in life filled with joys and chaos…
    Makes one move forward to see what’s beyond the horizon!

    Well done!

  12. Wow, the momentum kept buiding as your words got stronger and stronger. This must have come from close to the heart. Great write and use of the prompt.


  13. Time that has flown away will never come back. The best thing for us to do is to make the most of ‘now’.

  14. Hello Eclipse.
    Your expressions are indeed beautiful.
    Sometimes life can be tough on us…we just have to keep on the journey. I love the ending.

    Penned with much thought, as usual (smile).

    Thank you for sharing.

  15. You paint such a complete word picture here.

    Haiku Poems

  16. love your expression of life.

    keep your course sailing, cheers.

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