I want to meet you
at the lagoon of green sorrows
and share with you
my pain
In a summer evening
when the sight
gets lost
following the furthest line
of the ocean
I want to have you near
and read your eyes
hiding the tears that bleed
of the past wounds
We could take a walk
along the sandy beach
of our dreams
finding the shells
of joy
We could save them
in a jar of wishes
that they were always there
As memories
reminders of our time
We could take a boat
and sail
Sail away
And never come back
We could leave our green sorrows
We could leave them
for good

…and they met, they took that boat
and sailed away. It has been a year
since that day. The jar of wishes
became real.


© Eclipse 2011

Image by Poets United

~ by Eclipse on June 17, 2011.

16 Responses to “*Summer*”

  1. Nice your blog on wp, tonight I saw a part then return.
    Have a good summer friend Eclipse night night!

  2. To find another to share and dream within the Summer shores of memories and for each to understand the other… arrgh Eclipse such words of beauty tinged with sadness… As we search for that soul to share our joy and our sorrow… I often wish to just Sail away!

  3. Floating away ~ beautiful

  4. This is beautiful and speaks to the heart. 🙂

  5. You’ve reminded me of a magical summer… of a love that still roams within me… Beautiful poem Eclipse.

  6. This was lovely and haunting, but over all a beautiful effect! I want a jar of wishes 😀

  7. Hauntingly beautiful.. Sail away to the farthest stretch..
    weekend hugs ox

  8. I was on board ready to go until the last stanza. Great poem, Eclipse. Had me hooked. You are top shelf. Luv it always.


  9. Beautifully written! 😉

  10. That was beautiful and haunting; it leaves me with a lingering feeling of sadness. Reminds me of when the Elves left Middle Earth in LOR. (I admit to being a huge fan!)

    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Beautiful! How wonderful is the thought of simply sailing away from pain …

  12. Many a man/woman sees wealth as monetary/material things.

    A heart open to love is a heart filled with more riches than even money can buy.
    I’ve said it once & will continue to say it (because I firmly believe it)…love always wins!.

    Being a helpless or even hapless romantic…I’m a sucker for happy endings (smile).

    Thank you for this beautiful piece, Eclipse.

  13. RYN: about love being comlex. I believe that love itself is simple… it’s we humans with our multitude of emotions that always tend to make it seem so complex and complicated…. yes or no?

  14. Sail away, I so wish I could sail away too … I did while reading your poem, beautiful lagoons and green eyes … Lovely! As usual!

  15. Haunting Eclipse

  16. It’s all in the ‘letting go’ of love hurts.
    I always enjoy reading your prose so much. Thanks for shairng with us. 🙂

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