*Carelessly In Passing*

Like a mute visitor
he stays only for a while.
He usually treads
on the stone of the rigid heart,
just to be going
the very next second
pretending he doesn’t care.
he dwells here.
This is his story.
He knows well
where the place of safety is.
He takes no chances to lose it.

Like a mute visitor
he says nothing.
He only touches
my already frozen soul.
Like carelessly.
Like in passing.
He touches it
with his cold fingers,
with a smile on the face.
by the effect
of his unexpected visit.

He never stays long
Polite as he is.
Like an unbidden guest
he knows he can’t stay.
For now.
But in his eyes
there is another kind of luster.

His eyes sparkle
illuminated with a promise:
He’ll be back to stay.


© Eclipse 2011

Image: Alone

~ by Eclipse on June 21, 2011.

10 Responses to “*Carelessly In Passing*”

  1. Oh my I thought I had commented on this one. Sad and beautiful all in one.

  2. Good photo and sentence combination!

  3. Loved the line ” he touches my already frozen soul”.. obviously an encounter with the past… who held torment in his grip.. The ‘Fear’ you speak of needs to be cut from his grasp …. As I see the cordings as they still have power to twist the heart and make it bleed…
    His eyes need to be looked into Squarely with another promise… of ‘As if I care!.’ Lol…..
    Such dread and emotion in this one Eclipse… I have a great pair of shears should you need them to cut the cords!… …. 🙂

  4. Love this poem, Eclipse.

  5. fear … comes unexpectedly, touching the hidden souls, I hope it will not stay with you, it will not be back …

  6. Very sad but lovely read. Your emotions are in each line.

  7. Sounds scary to me … like a visit from a ghost of the past.

  8. Such a beautiful heartfelt piece… loved it.

  9. So sad… the carelessness. Not to be tolerated.

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