*The Wall of Life*

W is for Wall

A brick to build
No words are good enough
without bricks of love
within the wall of life


© Eclipse 2011

Written for Theme Thursday
and ABC Wednesday


~ by Eclipse on June 22, 2011.

13 Responses to “*The Wall of Life*”

  1. I like your post good night…Soul.

  2. Love is the Cement that holds life together one brick at a time.. as we build it from the ground all the way to the heavens… And its hard to rebuild a wall once its been knocked to pieces, unless we find a few fresh bricks to rebuild. And even then they are always laid in place one brick at a time…

  3. Oh – a wall as a metaphor for life is so tough! I prefer doors, windows, open spaces to run across….. You bring out the importance of stability and interconnectedness, but there is so much more too, I hope?

    I guess I like to decorate my walls, at least (but the bricks are very necessary to start with).

  4. without love does anything else matter?

  5. And lovely wall that is.

    Would love you to peek at my ABC. You are welcome to come by anytime, have a nice day!

  6. Walls can keep people out but, they also keep people in and trapped by their own walls. Walls built with love, on the other hand, usually are made to withstand the knocks they may have to endure through life.
    Once again, lovely prose!

  7. Love within makes for strength and endurance for foundation. smiles Rx

  8. Another brick in the wall of life! Profound yet true.
    Thanks so much
    Denise ABC Team

  9. How true!

  10. True!

  11. All we need is (bricks of) love.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

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