*An Odd Mood*

As the day goes away
a strange flame
whirls within the mind
Even the summer
seems to be unfriendly
to us
Its cloudy eye
shed the greyness
all over the canvas of blue
One unsound shadow
knocks the door
and whispers

We are the ones
making ripples on the water
you said
all the happy thoughts
keep running away
into a blurred distance
finding the only comfort
inside the refuge
of my paper world

I walk the outside
My steps
seem to be uncountable
The road
gets worn of darkness


© Eclipse 2011

Image: dark road
Shared on Poetic Asides

~ by Eclipse on July 1, 2011.

5 Responses to “*An Odd Mood*”

  1. Just the poem to go with my mood today…

  2. Another well written moment that casts its shadow as the Sky no longer glows blue, bringing the Greyness in and around one’s thoughts as it chills our mind to all those sad days..
    May the Sun soon come out 🙂 ~Dreamwalker

  3. When the sun goes away it brings odd mood, right? How much we need light and warmth!

  4. The road ahead looks so uninviting.
    Bring back the happy thoughts.

    A somber piece indeed.

  5. Love this one because I am so darn (damn) broken (insane).

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