*Within A Branch Of Jasmine*

the full moon smiled through the marble mirror of our lake
at our very first night.
The summer ripened within a branch of jasmine,
behind an ordinary fence, in one ordinary yard.
Yet, it was magic going on there at midnight.
In my world – way too late.

My life, an useless try of explaining the delay to my impatient soul,
in a denial of feelings for my greedy heart.
Then, all the sudden an another riddle.
How to explain a mess of emotions to them both now?
To them, not accustomed to happiness,
to them trained to live in a poorness of senses.

the full moon held the answer that night
and calmed the eagerness of one hunger.
It is captured forever in a scent of jasmine
within the heart of our home town.

© Eclipse 2011

Shared on Summer’s Favorite at Broken Sparkles
Image: Moon Over The Gripsholms Castle, Mariefred, Sweden

~ by Eclipse on July 11, 2011.

14 Responses to “*Within A Branch Of Jasmine*”

  1. […] darling buds of May. Sultry, lighting sparks and chaos within our hearts, we dreamed of shimmering jasmine scent. The touch of the wind on pears, the kiss under summer rain, gave us love and passion […]

  2. The scent of Jasmine a fragrance to perfume any heart with love in which ever garden it flowers … If those who want to take in its scent breathe deep enough and let it in..

  3. Romance and jasmine with one’s Soul Mate…could anyone ask for more?

  4. I love the last stanza particularly. Can it get more romantic?

  5. the images are timeless, what stunning write.
    have fun in the potluck!

  6. a wonderful castle – and poem

  7. A beautiful bit of writing. Very enjoyable and embracing.

  8. Hm, seems frustrated and there are so many complicated questions being asked. I understand this experientially. Good job capturing those feelings.

  9. the smell of jasmin flows from this romantic poem Eclipse…

  10. AWwwwww how romantic! Love it~!
    Jasmine smells so wonderful in the air. (makes me sneeze though) lol

  11. Awww, such an amazing feelings, icons, words .. the scent of jasmine is absolutely enchanting! Thanks for this gift! I love it!

  12. And I do remember that night my love and that smell of Jasmine embracing our hearts and that lead us home, I Love you darling my soon to be bride 😉
    Forever the print within the ring of gold lay true with our hearts.

  13. so beautiful..the pictures are amazing..i really like it.

  14. Beautiful sentence.I also like full moon.:)

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