*Sleeping Love*

a sleepy cloud
ruled over the sky of life
one dormant love lay forgotten
tucked in the purple softness of dreams

woke up
to be found
inside a fantasy
In a strange kind of forest
In the depth of the own dream

won’t be
sleeping no more
The life came to be real
awoken by an accidental touch
at the kingdom of a black heart knight

© Eclipse 2011

Image by Desktop Nexus

~ by Eclipse on July 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “*Sleeping Love*”

  1. Arrgj to be woken… within the dream.. and yet it still be a Dream.. Im all for Dreaming for this World for Real is I am sure at times A Night-mare.

  2. Those black heart knights … alas you only get them half asleep or in a fantasy!

  3. Almost all aspects in your poem was dreamy..the pattern, the syllables, the feel, the depth, the words….the rhythm and the tale!! That made it even more beautiful..lovely!

  4. Dreams can become our reality, if we keep believing in them. Lovely fantasy from you~!

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