*Metamorphosis Of Joy*

In the loneliness of a cocoon
a grub
an immature nymph
develops after birth
to undergo transformation

A conspicuous cell growth
within the prison of her sleep
The tissue permeated by love
growing the wings of bliss
Out of the darkness
out of the closed cocoon
the newborn felicity
takes her very  first flight

© Eclipse 2011

Shared on Monday Poetry Train, Poets United
and The Undead Poets Society

Image by zazzle.com

~ by Eclipse on July 15, 2011.

10 Responses to “*Metamorphosis Of Joy*”

  1. You wrapped this metaphor with your beautiful words : )

  2. You’ve captured nature’s most dynamic process through simple, rhythmic, awe-inspiring use of words and pattern…loved the choice of subject…especially, when I reached..***wings of bliss 🙂 Gr8 one!

  3. Nicely done, I enjoyed reading. 🙂

  4. Luv very first anythings, first flights have to be way kool and you captured that extremely well.


  5. Beautiful; a wonderful reminder of transition~ We all have moments of first flight~ Well Done

  6. Butterflies one of nature’s miracles .. you have captured its struggles here Eclipse all that it has to go through for a few short weeks in freedom of flight as it searches for its mate.. Unfortunately here in the UK we seem to be short on Butterflies this year.. I am on Butterfly watch still .. And hope I may still get a few of my favourite Red Admirals and Peacock Butterflies in my garden, But so far nothing!.. Great poetry Eclipse x

  7. Where should I start from? The image? Beautiful! The words? Engaging the mind! The feelings? Hope flowing in the air …

  8. I read the story and watched a PPS too, about a buttefly, a man watched it’s struggle to leave its cocoon and so, he very carefully assisted it out of that tangled skin but instead of flying, it was crippled and it’s wings did not form as they should have, it couldn’t fly. And, what the man didn’t know was, the butterfly had to go through the transformation itself, because there were fluids and other vital things in that skin that the butterfly needed to absorb as it was struggling for its freedom. I loved the analogy because it is like us as we struggle through life. Things happen the way they happen to shape us and to ensure our inner growth.
    This writing of yours is beautiful, as always, a pleasure to read.

  9. Love this poem, but then again I love all your poems, my friend, that goes without saying 🙂 The thought of the caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly is comforting and always uplifting, when our spirits are low. Thank you for sharing your gift. Love, cat.

  10. Really nicely done, always loved the transformational metaphor and the cocoon symbolism and you do a really good job with it:)

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