*The Breakdown*

Crushed against the stones
it groans
The fall is fatal
its flight final

Dropped off
by the clumsy hands of negligence
its body of glass
never meant to be saved

Crushed against the stones
it dies
In pain
Its eyes in panic
still wide open
grasping the very last sight

The stones are love
This is the funeral of sorrow

© Eclipse 2011

Shared on Be Mused
Image by shutterstock.com

~ by Eclipse on July 17, 2011.

22 Responses to “*The Breakdown*”

  1. Ouch. Accidents are still final. -J

  2. i hear you…negligence will snuff a relationship in a failed heartbeat…really like your close…

  3. a lot of power and imagery packed into a few words, but i stopped in my tracks at “the stones are love”

    that’s going to be with me for a while.

  4. oops, should be …

    Negligence is not always the silent killer.

  5. Negligence is a silent killer.

  6. When’s the wake? 😉

  7. The last line got me!

  8. You have such an amazing way with words Eclipse, one that always leaves the reader captivated and inspired .. Your Graphic is well chosen and your poem brings to the mind both the end of the Glass but is it the end of the holder of the glass also.. Did they both Crash to the ground?

    Excellent! 🙂

  9. I nominated you for the Perfect poet award this week or next, whichever it is for. Hope you get it, you well deserve it.

  10. I had the image of a goldfish lying on the floor after its bowl shattered on the ground. I’m sure, though, that this piece is much deeper than that.

  11. “The stones are love
    This is the funeral of sorrow” *standing ovation* 🙂

    Its just so amazing how you have managed to give it that one hint of relief and freedom at the end of such a pain-packed poem.Beautiful!

  12. oh! I guess my level of sadness would depend on what was spilled in the breaking

  13. This is the funeral of sorrow

    love that line!

  14. A great metaphor for the end of love… I like it!

  15. The responses are as brilliant as the perfect work. Thumbs up to you all.

  16. The stones are love … death is … love ? I love the finality that this poem speaks off. Death finally gives us peace … I think that is very profound and true. Love, cat.

  17. There is no place for the clumsy hand of negligence in love, not if one wants to keep it alive. Sad, and yes, very final.

  18. Hmm . . . I can identify with the clumsy hand of negligence. I’m a glass breaker!

  19. The image you chose with you words is brilliant! Love the end, no sorrow should be around love and happiness!

  20. Surprising at the end! Cool imagery both in poetry and on your site!

  21. Even in death, there is still life. Because the glass, though shattered is particles of sand, and it too will live again as, something.
    Beautiful, sad, lovely.

  22. Very touching. Very final. I loved it.


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