*Kisses Of Salt*

On the other side of my mirror
there is a diamond
resting within the palm of velvet
glowing with a thousand colors
A reflection of blue
A memory of green
Laughter of the sea in the sunset
A song of noisy crickets
captured in the olive branches

Behind my mirror glass
deep inside the heart
there is a pearl
A reflection of the sea
A memory in the sand
Sealed with kisses of salt
preserved forever
within the sound of waves

© Eclipse 2011
(Image: YouTube)
Shared on Monday Poetry Train, Sunday Scriblings
and Poets United


….And a bit belated but wholehearted…..

…..many thanks for the lovely award, to all voting for me
Special thanks to Promising Poets’ Poetry Cafe
My nomination for the next award goes to Leo

~ by Eclipse on August 8, 2011.

17 Responses to “*Kisses Of Salt*”

  1. Stunning! Very loveyly choice of words. Great poem. Made me stop and think. The job of a wonderful poem.

  2. What a wonderful thought of mirrors, pearls and visions…beautiful dear Eclipse. I was taken by the new background…brilliant energy of Red Sun.
    Congrats on the well deserved Award.
    Warm feathery hug to you,

  3. My dear Eclipse,
    There’s definitely a different edge to your poetry.
    I believe married life has changed you. 😉
    Love has a tendency to bring out the best in us…if we allow it.

    I love this…the preserving of the kisses…everything.


  4. A wonderful vision is set
    withing thy poetry Eclipse…

    Be very well my great friend
    I rather like this new background…

    Androgoth XXx

  5. Very nice capturing of our trip my love in this poetic words and as always beautiful creation.

    ❤ U

  6. Mesmerizing lines, very nicely done.

  7. What can I say Eclipse.. Except that the many coloured facets reflected in the Mirror are but reflections of a beautiful Soul who like your new background send out a Halo of warmth and love… Arrrgh the Kisses from now on I know will only taste the Salt of Joy!.. For you are the Diamond.. and you have found your perfect setting!… within the arms of your perfect love…
    Be Happy my beautiful friend.. and so loved this entry Eclipse..
    Dreamwalker xox

  8. Love you, love you, love you … you are balm for my soul … blessed be, my friend. Love, cat

  9. oh, I think this one will be my new favorite from you, the reflection of blue and the memory of green and that pearl, the sign that you have touched the sea and the sand … Masterful! Honestly, I love, love, love it! Keep these little diamonds coming!

  10. Really fabulous piece. Your change of look is lovely, but your prose seals it. it’s full of pictures. Beautiful, being with your love suits you. 🙂

  11. I love the last lines. “Sealed with kisses of salt preserved forever within the sound of waves.” Great poetry you have here. 🙂

  12. way to go.

  13. Truly beautiful! I love the imagery : )

  14. Reflection implies two images both are of the same but from different perspectives. I love your image of light reflected in the night of day.
    Great work.

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