*Arms Full Of Sky*

There is a game
an experiment of life
A trial
with the soul as a stake
It takes place
in a moment of despair
when the heart
pressed to the limit
feels no more
at the point of nowhere
on this fragile line of time
It happens suddenly
when expectation has no sense
and there is no vision
no path before the eyes
no roads no destination
It is to pass
or to fall

He was the game
The life-given trial
The gift
He dared to offer
the arms full of sky
He knew how to wait
in the desert of life
My senses went mad
forgetting their real place
I felt a scent of the dream
I tasted his voice
and touched his eye color
I saw his heart
His soul stood in front of me
And I could hear it


© Eclipse 2011

Shared on d’Verse, One Single Impression,
Poets United and  Romantic Friday Writers

~ by Eclipse on August 10, 2011.

24 Responses to “*Arms Full Of Sky*”

  1. This reminded me of a music- Bond- Big Love Adagio / find it if you like on utube/ reading the poem gave me the same feeling as listening the music … a very beautiful feeling!

  2. Not only are your words harmoniously intertwined with one another, dancing so lovely for the reader …they are also extremely thought provoking. I love a good read that begs me to ask my own questions and gives me wonderful images to ponder. Thank you.

  3. There is something so magical in this poem. I read it twice and found it deepen the second time, as I knew it would.

    We are all souls and visions sailing, in this world but not of it, this says to me.

  4. How magnificent to be brought back! You say it with such passion. Beautifully written, my friend.

  5. Hello!
    Have a nice day!
    Greetings from Warsaw!

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. – Eleanor Roosevelt

  6. Wish you well … my fellow woman … we have to stick together… and we will … and we have to … Love, cat

  7. I dropped here via Andro’s site. I really like your world. And this poem. It’s so touching. I wish to be able to write like you.
    Amazing site.

  8. love it…tasting his voice and touching the colour of his eyes….so beautiful and evocative

  9. Beautiful flow…
    very well expressed!

  10. ❤ you

  11. Beautiful, to go from feeling as if you have nothing to that all encompassing feeling as if you have everything…a wonderful read. Your prose as always is, excellent.A lovely read

  12. I love this set up! I am like jealous/envious/ wantin’ some of this. Oh yes, great poem. Been missin’ your words, voice, related presence, and image of real life thoughts expressed honestly and not afraid.


    Did I say this looked kool?

  13. Woah!

    I am a worshiper of all things cosmic and your blog des is pretty bloomin cosmic… a real stunner.

    Your Poem really felt fuelled the glowing backscape.
    I loved the mood and tone of the piece it really washed thru me.

    Eclipse of the moon – cool

  14. Great as always….

  15. marvelous…

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Happy Wednesday, Eclipse.
    WoW! This poem…I think it’s the most beautiful I’ve read from you yet!
    The transition from the depths of nowhere into the waiting arms of love…I almost want to cry.
    Sounds to me like love has a firm grip on your heart, as it does mine.
    Simply beautiful.

    Well done, my friend!

  17. touching…romantic…!

  18. You don’t know how good it is to read… as you fell into the arms of Sky…. Long may they hold you within their arms… The journey is just begun.. into the land of dreams..

    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday Eclipse…. 🙂

  19. …but then I lost it
    I wish to feel no more
    to return to nowhere…

  20. nice…love the background on your blog…def eye catching…i like the turn in the second stanza…the thought of looking at someones soul is a beautiful thing…some really lovely language in there…

  21. first – love your blog design…beautiful…
    and very nice poem…great title and love how you take us by the hand and lead us into the story… fav lines…

    It takes place
    in a moment of despair
    when the heart
    pressed to the limit
    feels no more
    at the point of nowhere
    on this fragile line of time

  22. The arms full of sky – such a powerful image. And these amazing synaesthesias … love builds bridges across the impossible : )

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