*Drops Of Sapphire*

If I were a tree
I would understand
how it is
to stand against storms
and grow stronger
I would realize
what it means
to give away
without feeling the loss

I wouldn’t be fearing the nights
It is from darkness
I would draw my breath
The storms and misfortunes
would make my roots firm
I would give away my leaves
to the striking winds at fall
The missing parts of my green heart
wouldn’t ever bleed

If I were a tree
I would know
how to be grateful for the rain
for the sapphire drops
falling gently down on me
from his glance
Drenched with his love
I would become immune to fear
With no power to radiate
it would be
just a confused shadow
in my sunny forest

If I were a tree
he would be my river

© Eclipse 2011
Image by DesktopNexus

shared onTheme Thursday , Three Word Wednesday
and Romantic Friday Writers

~ by Eclipse on August 15, 2011.

14 Responses to “*Drops Of Sapphire*”

  1. Not a tree, but amazing story teller! Always a pleasure to be here! The emotions in your words always touch my soul in a very beautiful way! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Eclipse… This is Exquisitely Beautiful beyond any words I could use to describe.. except to Sigh with an inward pleasure..

  3. I love the graphic you chose…as inspirational as the poem. smiles, Rx

  4. Hello Eclipse,
    beautiful post and image,really nice.
    Also the background of your wp is very nice compliments for your graphic.
    Have a great week Eclipse

  5. amazing.. i love it.. 😀

  6. Hello.
    Simply beautiful & your imagery is stunning.
    To be surrounded by love is truly wonderful.

    BTW, I didn’t see your link in Romantic Friday Writers for “Confused” on Fri 12. Did you forget to enter?
    The challenge for this upcoming week Fri 19 is “Hew Horizons”. The challenges for each week are posted a week in advance & linky usually opens on a Thursday & closes on Saturday. For more info, please visit Romantic Friday Writers. Click on Submissions and/or Challenges for more information. We’d love to have you enter/join us.

    Have a great week ahead & best wishes f or the future.

    • Thank you Andy, you are too kind.

      Well, I was a bit late with the post so it seems, there was a message saying “closed” below the links…Thank you for the invite, I’ll browse around RFW once again and hopefully catch up with you all in time 🙂

  7. This is a most wonderful piece of poetry
    my great friend and thank you for sharing
    the sweetness of your words…

    Be Well Eclipse

    Androgoth XXx

  8. Such a remarkable poem. Love it!

    You hit a soft spot for me.I live and thrive in trees.
    Here is one I recently wrote about Redwoods.

  9. I am so pleased you are not a tree but, this writing is exquisite. I too wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Beautiful prose.

  10. Stunning piece. Love the mystic feel to your image, it carries well into the images you have wrapped into your words.

  11. Read your poem over and over … it is so beautiful … wishing you all the love and the luck in the world. You are so gifted, I am happy for you, and wish you well. Love always, cat.

  12. I love the tree imagery in your poem : ) Exquisite to me. And the atmosphere of the image is utterly romantic.

  13. Mysterious image and insipired sentence.:)

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