*Ember Heart*

There was once a bird.
A closed hand was her home.
Time never touched her wings.
She was unknown to clouds
and winds did never meet her.

Frozen, in her little world,
chained within the iron grip,
motionless in the silence,
she yearned warmth.
Locked inside the cage of darkness,
her heart forgot how to beat with joy.

But the dream…

The dream she had,
spoke to her hauntingly in its beauty.
All about an arrival,
all about the shackles,
removed and thrown away.
Her heart became an ember,
and the hand was forced to let go.

My love was a dying bird.
She needed to fly.


 © Eclipse 2011

~ by Eclipse on August 23, 2011.

12 Responses to “*Ember Heart*”

  1. I dream of flying all the time, but most is to get away from something, someone…
    Your beautiful words describe my yearning, to fly…
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. This one touched me Eclipse, I love to fly…to be caged would be dying.
    Perhaps dreams and love can free the soul…
    Have a splendid weekend,

  3. Beautiful poem Eclipse

  4. Light and beautiful as a bird… The best so far from you.

  5. what would we do without dreams? it’s good that no one can take them away from us …

  6. And, love sets us free to flyyyyy. so happy you are flying now!

  7. It’s beautiful…
    Have a wonderful day Eclipse

  8. Beautiful words Eclipse of the Moon,
    and a truly wonderful piece of poetry
    that sings the sweet song of freedom

    Have a most delightful
    Wednesday my great friend…

    Androgoth XXx

  9. It’s always nice to visit your blog.
    I wish you a wonderful and magical week.
    With friendship you leave many dear greetings my friend Eclipse.

  10. this is such a beautiful poem and a real pleasure to read words were so lovely. from kevin i enjoyed it very much.

  11. Fly free little ember, if it was meant to be she shall return to this hand for an eternity.

    Beautiful write.

  12. … fly little ember … the are many embers … they will make a fire … Lovely, my friend, cat.

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