At times
when cold winds
knocked on my windows
carrying the grains of desert upon the wings,
when the flames of my candles
shivered in fear,
when nights, made of dark velvet
passed by touching the walls outside
making me feel empty,
making me feel a missing of someone I never had;
At those times of solitude,
I was never really alone.

I had a friend
that trembled along with my fearful soul,
a companion
that unmistakably
assessed the moments of anxiety,
a comforter
who knew when the time was right
to come and give solace
on his special feathery way.

He would move across the paper
shedding its tears of ink.
He would turn them to words
and let them out into freedom.
He was a regular visitor of my inner unrest,
the punctual helper to rely on.

He still is.
A relief.
My guard.
My addiction.


© Eclipse 2011

Shared at Carry On Tuesday, The Poetry Palace and dVerse

image by The Magic Quill

~ by Eclipse on October 5, 2011.

27 Responses to “*Quill*”

  1. ❤ U 🙂

  2. a paean to the pen. sweet.
    it’s my comforter too. He’s quite busy, isn’t he.
    good poem. I feel this poem…I can share emotions with it.
    you’ve moved me…and that’s the purpose here.
    good work, good poem, thank you for sharing.

  3. Awesome work..and the image stole my heart in one go…
    Wish to read more of you.. 🙂

  4. I think every writer can relate to this one, for all of us that mighty pen has been the only bit of solace. Wonderful poem, your imagery is lovely, and I like that you’ve done so much justice to words 🙂

  5. I’ve missed so many wonderful poems … this one is spectacular …

  6. if the word brilliant could say it all, i’d use it 🙂 but just a single word ain’t enough i think to say its beauty. for it is something i can understand and relate to so much. thanks for sharing, Eclipse!

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  7. Lover, companion of the inner soul. Fell in love with him as well.

  8. How beautiful your Quill paints a rainbow of words as it melts its tears and shares its joys etched forever in that velvet blackness of ink… upon the White parchment of life …. How can we not fall in love with your Quill as it steals its way into your inner most thoughts as it bleeds out the words of your heart..
    Excellent as always….
    your friend~Dreamwalker

  9. I really love this. For some reason, it really wasn’t what I was expecting from the title; which made it even more enjoyable. I feel like clapping.

  10. What would we do without this internal helper of all poets…to embolden us to express our fears and our innermost thoughts. You said it so well.

  11. Love this poem – sounds like a love letter to writing, to creativity, to poetry. Absolutely stunning. My favourite lines are:

    “when nights, made of dark velvet
    passed by touching the walls outside
    making me feel empty,
    making me feel a missing of someone I never had;”

    Mine for the rally is: http://cursemymetalbody.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/poetry-thursday-68/

  12. Hello Eclipse.
    I hope you are well.
    I have missed reading your beautiful words.

    Love & poetry…no better addictions to have 😉
    Love your imagery.

    An exquisite piece from you.

    Thanks for sharing & enjoy the weekend, my friend!

    Yesterday With You

  13. Breathtaking imagery in your writing!

  14. this is a wonderful poem and I think it would be fun to write with a quill I love to draw and write with the old pens and inks still

  15. Great image of wind knocking at the windows, Loved the poem.

    Here is my entry:

  16. Nowadays hardly anybody would actually write with a quill, but I see it as a metaphor for poetic wings … May your ink never run dry.

  17. wow! love it! also, i like the new theme of your blog.. and tq for coming by eclipse..

  18. love your idea of your pen, stay connected with your best friend.

  19. please check my poets rally entry : “A Sudden Rush

  20. I can definitely relate to this poem. Very well said!


  21. my pen is my best friend too… i love the message of this one. thank you for writing this. please check my entry too: http://wp.me/TDjw

  22. Beautiful. A lovely addiction to have, as long as it’s good for you 😉

  23. Lovely Eclipse

  24. An addiction of pure emotions, of the written word that longs to be feathered, to feel the energy of life in its splendour, the creating and the flowing of ink upon paper, a dream that echoes long into the night hours where the familiarity of expressionism fills the pages with a wondrously enchanted glow of originality, uniqueness in its own creation, the delight of poetic bliss, and in a symphony of sweet caresses a new masterpiece is born.

    You have a wonderful
    way of expression Eclipse 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  25. lovely words the quil being your friend i think writing your thoughts and feelings hope you are well eclipse xxjen

  26. Sana;

    Very good, loved this one a lot. Better than most of your wonderfully fine work and that is saying much from me.

    Kindest regards,

    Douglas S. Taylor

  27. I love this poem.

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