Amused by the game
the crowd stands up
behind the fat stomachs
Lust for blood
ejects from the eyes of rich ladies

Ages of silence
impact heavily
the fragile surface of life

The sand still keeps a taste of pain
within the grains
The walls still hold the sound of screams
tunes of hopeless weep
while merciless eyes stare blind
in a lack of humanity

A horrid memory renders
deep carves
upon the flesh of creation


© Eclipse 2011

Shared on Three Words Wednesday

Image: Death Of A Gladiator by Jean-Simon Barthelemy (1773)

~ by Eclipse on October 7, 2011.

11 Responses to “*Disgrace*”

  1. vivid imagery.

    join us today.

  2. Ah that bloody entertainment, somehow humans always get pleasure in watching the suffering of others. Great imagery and great poem!

  3. You showed excellent all nonsense of that bloody enterteinement. Really impressive poem.

  4. Whether that be a Gladiator of the distant past or the soldier upon the battlefield of today.. the sands of time will blow the same pains into the hearts of loved ones lost and their families… How futile is this Game humanity plays…. And what Disgrace that we still send those out to perish in battles that are constructed for the benefit of Mans Greed.. ..

    Another thought provoking poem… Dreamwalker

  5. This thought of yours…
    A fellow would forget that struggle is common.
    Although disguised,
    Life’s pains are the tools of a merciless task master.
    Every heart will hurt
    And every asshole will burn.
    Common are the pains and pangs of life
    So laugh foolish fellow
    At these lessons as I learn.

  6. Well recorded! The poem is vivid and speaks for itself, without the artwork.

  7. Speechless!


  8. The Bloody Death of a
    Gladiator and Rome in
    a Lusting for More…

    A beautiful poem Eclipse
    my great friend, one can
    almost feel the pulse…

    Sword on Shield, and that
    giving as the blade pierces
    the flesh…

    Be very well now…

    Androgoth XXx

  9. Wow… very powerful imagery and fabulous piece of artwork too!

  10. Wonderful imagery of the carnage of the colossium!

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