love at first letter
at first melody of one laughter
that echoed through the distance
so irresistibly sweet
for the heart

a call sent
from the times gone by
a message hidden within the bottle of life
floating upon the river
of dreams

love simply
At the very first breath
we just


© Eclipse 2011

Shared for One Single Impression, Carry On Tuesday
and Sunday Scribblings
Image by Photobucket


Thank you so much  The Poetry Palace for this lovely diamond!







My nomination goes to  Peter for his extraordinary piece of art


~ by Eclipse on October 11, 2011.

18 Responses to “*Simply*”

  1. Lovely take on the prompt. Well done


  2. nice 🙂 you are good at writing poems

  3. Congratulations for the award. Your poem is so heartfelt, sometimes such things are just known, without any explanation or reason. Your words are very inspiring 🙂

  4. we just knew… that is everything and more…

  5. This is simply beautiful. Thank you so much for contributing to Carry On Tuesday. Pieces like this make all worthwhile.

  6. In the sweetness of the moment
    it was a love that would last through
    time, into the depths of dreams, and
    far beyond into infinity…

    True Love Lasts a Lifetime

    Androgoth XXx

  7. It’s all about love … when love is around everything is beautiful …

    I’m sorry for my absence lately, just too much to deal with! Thanks for your visits … And I loved the music – The Moon Sonata …

  8. I believe in love from 1st sight. Long time ago I experienced this. Alas it finished. Maybe because I was to young, and I was fighting instead of making compromises…
    Have a great day friend 🙂

  9. Love it Eclipse, beautifully put.

  10. First congratulations on the award Eclipse.. you so deserve one with the beautiful poetry you write..
    And arrgh….. I ” Simply” love this poem.. and its like seeing a flower open and bloom.. Im so happy it was LOVE at the first letter..
    Long may it be captured and held within the vessel of life and keep you floating endlessly down the stream to emotional bliss for all of eternity
    Joy to you both.. ~Dreamwalker

  11. Simply beautiful!

  12. I keep signing up for you but never get any emails to tell me you’ve updated … strange!

  13. Beautiful, it sounds to me as if your heart has come home. 😉

  14. I remember … this happenend to me too … way back when … this is ever so beautifully put, my lovely Eclipse … and congrats for the award … you so deserve it … thank you for speaking to my heart again and again. Love, cat.

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